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Indian food is more than plain sustenance, it is an emotion most people, regardless of nationality experience. This blog will highlight some of the best dishes we have to offer at the best Indian restaurant in Uzbekistan, the Park Café, Ramada by Wyndham Tashkent.


Every traditional Indian meal, properly made will keep you wanting for more and more. Indian food is not restricted to one specific course or cuisine, and is diverse just like the country and its people. The best Indian food can be enjoyed in a series of courses by choosing from a range of starters, main courses, breads, rice, and desserts with accompanying condiments.


A proper Indian meal often is a variety of starters, followed by the main course and a bread, then a rice dish with a yummy sweet to wrap things up. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to stop eating Indian once they truly experience the rich melody of tastes in every bite, with accompaniments.


Here are some must try dishes from each course to enjoy on your visit to the Park Café, only at the Ramada by Wyndham Tashkent. We have compiled these dishes keeping in mind how diverse our clientele are, and have picked up at least one non-vegetarian and one vegetarian dish or more wherever possible. We pride ourselves on serving you the best culinary confections. Here are our recommendations.

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