Best Indian Food Dishes To Try: What to Eat, Where to Eat in Tashkent

Best starters, Main course, Biryani, Rice & Indian Breads at the Park Restaurant in Tashkent

Indian food is more than just plain sustenance, it is an emotion most people, regardless of nationality experience.

This blog will highlight some of the best dishes we have to offer at the best Indian restaurant in Tashkent, The Park Restaurant, Ramada by Wyndham Tashkent. Every traditional Indian meal, properly made, will keep you wanting more and more. Indian food is not restricted to one specific course or cuisine, and is diverse, just like the country and its people.

The best Indian food can be enjoyed in a series of courses by choosing from a range of starters, main courses, bread, rice, and desserts with accompanying condiments. A proper Indian meal often is a variety of starters, followed by the main course and any Indian bread, then a rice dish with a yummy sweet to wrap things up. Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to stop eating Indian once they truly experience the rich melody of tastes in every bite, with accompaniments.

Here are some must-try dishes from each course to enjoy on your visit to the Park Restaurant, only at the Ramada by Wyndham Tashkent. We have compiled these dishes keeping in mind how diverse our clientele are, and have picked up at least one non-vegetarian and one vegetarian dish or more wherever possible. We pride ourselves on serving you the best culinary confections, here are our recommendations.

Best Indian Cuisine starters & main course in Tashkent


Fish Amritsari

A super popular mouth-watering street food for non-vegetarian guests, powerful enough to transport you over to the streets of Amritsar, where this dish is relished.

The myriad of flavours and perfect taste might tempt you to fill up on this starter, but trust us when we say this is merely the beginning of the best meal of your life.

The spices, herbs and fish in this dish will teleport you from Tashkent to Punjab, India, and we are unsure if you would want to come back willingly. The dish and its popularity in Punjab explain its name and its availability with the street vendors across Punjab.

Interestingly, the name Punjab means the land of the 5 rivers, and this particular dish is a staple of the people here who devour it traditionally during the winters, like you will when you order this starter at the park Restaurant, Ramada by Wyndham Tashkent.

Paneer pakora

Imagine soft, delicious Indian cottage cheese – Paneer, lovingly coated and fried in layers of goodness that melt in your mouth with every bite. That is a paneer pakora!

The perfect appetizer for vegetarians, it holds the promise of leading up to meals which you will wish to repeat soon, and will think back fondly about.

Indians have perfected the art of using dairy in almost every course in a meal, and paneer pakoras are a tribute to the same.

Pakore or Pakode are fried fritters which are a speciality of Indian food, and we simply could not afford to not have them here on the list.

The crispy deep-fried outer layer will complement every bite of the soft, moist paneer which will melt in your mouth when eaten. The Paneer pakora is a dish very popular in the Northern part of India and will transport you to a land of immense goodness.

Assorted Vegetable Pakora

Vegetable Pakoras are an Indian companion to the rains, hot tea, guests and honestly any mood. These deep-fried crunchy pieces of vegetables are available all over India and appeal to Indian mothers as a way to increase vegetable intake.

Every region in India has their own version of the vegetable pakora through local ingredients, but the taste, emotions and conversations while bonding over a place of hot pakoras, chutney and chai can rarely be duplicated.

The vegetable pakoras we serve are a guarantee to open up our customers to the best meal of their lives, by being an appetizer to non-consumers of dairy, or anyone who wishes to have the best appetizer of their lives.

Main course

Methi Fish Curry

A spicy gravy surrounding a deep-fried, marinated fish fillet will make anyone’s mouth water. This is the Methi fish curry, a staple food of a lot of Indians. Often enjoyed with naan, or other Indian bread, it is guaranteed to keep you wanting for more.

The rich combination of methi or fenugreek and fish use the simplest of spices to make a flavourful combination which is adored by everyone who tries this dish. The dish is full of protein, healthy fats and nutritious.

This dish will not only tempt your taste buds but will attract your eyes and your olfactory senses to demolish into it.

Dal Bukhara

A recent but welcome addition to Indian food, the dal Bukhara is often confused with the Dal Makhani but is worth its own mention. The black gram lentils are slow-cooked overnight on the tandoor to reach the optimum level of creaminess.

The rich taste of the butter and cream appeals to everyone who tries this dish and is now a must-try dish for anyone enjoying the true taste of Indian cuisine.

Often served with flavoured rice or Indian bread from the range of Indian bread, this dish will definitely impress. Trust us when we say this dish will take you to heaven and back, and make you order for more.

Dhingri Palak

Think delicious mushrooms, cooked in a rich spinach flavoured sauce all ready to take you to the foothills of the Himalayas where this dish originated. The mushroom is prepared and cooked in the sauce, which has spinach, or Palak as a key ingredient giving the sauce a gorgeous green colour.

Each mushroom is lovingly picked, and cooked in a sauce full of spices and Palak, with the added richness of cashews to deliver Dhingri Palak to your plates.

Dhingri Palak comes equipped with flavours like methi, palak, mint and more spices to enhance the true flavours of the mushroom and complement the rice or Indian bread you choose for your main course.

Chicken Curry

Arguably one of the most well-known dishes of the Indian subcontinent, Chicken curry is a non-vegetarian’s dream come true. Chicken curry, to the Indians who eat it is an emotion beyond description, one they willingly would share with the world.

Marinated chicken in a thick sauce that would leave you craving more and more. The chicken is stewed in a tomato and onion sauce while flavoured with Indian spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, garlic and more to get rich red colour and is garnished with fresh herbs.

The taste of authentic chicken curry is one that any non-vegetarian would relish.

Lamb Kadai

Lamb Kadai or Kadai Ghosh is a famous Mughlai dish that is relished by non-vegetarians. This is a famous dish where tender lamb is cut into cubes and is cooked in a mouth-watering ginger-garlic sauce with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cumin and other spices. This dish is prepared in an Indian Kadai or Kadhai, earning it the name.

This dish is a favourite among mutton lovers in the Indian subcontinent and is relished with rice or any Indian bread.

The tender taste of the lamb is coated with rich sauce and spices while cooking to enhance the taste and make a dish that will be the perfect place for you to enter the world of Mughlai food if you are a non-vegetarian.

Rajmah Rasedar

A traditional Punjabi dish, this Rajma Rasedar is a must-have for vegetarians who are entering the delight of Indian food. Everyone who tastes this kidney bean curry makes sure to order it in a heartbeat.

This dish is an excellent source of protein, thanks to the Rajma or the Red Kidney beans, which are cooked to produce a dish crafted to stimulate your taste buds.

Red kidney beans, called Rajma are cooked with onions, Indian spices, tomatoes and other rich Indian flavours to make a delicious red sauce that seeps flavour into the cooked kidney beans, making the favourite Rajma Rasedar.

Rajma is eaten with Indian bread, rice and it is common practice in India to store away remaining portions and eat at a later date. If you are trying the dish at the Park restaurant, we are sure that you will order takeaway after tasting this dish.

Best Lamb biryani/chicken biryani/vegetable biryani at the Park Restaurant Tashkent


Lamb Biryani / Chicken Biryani

Lamb biryani and Chicken Biriyani are variants of the Indian biryani for the non-vegetarian. Biryani is a one-pot dish traditionally made in the Indian subcontinent where marinated or prepared meat is layered with rich long Basmati rice and steam cooked to imbue flavours and tastes of various spices.

Rich aroma causing spices, herbs and extracts are infused with the meat and rice while on heat. Some of these spices like saffron and turmeric bring in the feel of a painting into a biryani, for that is what it is, a piece of art waiting for your consumption.

Biryanis can be made with a choice of meat, and we recommend you try out the world-famous chicken or lamb biryani to enjoy its authentic taste.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani is the perfect dish to experience the rich flavours and tastes Indian food has to offer. The Indian Vegetable biryani is a dish where long-grained Basmati rice is layered with vegetables and steam cooked or cooked on very low heat, over a period of time, transforming the rice and vegetables into ambrosia for you to consume.

Vegetable Biryani has an amazing fragrance of the rice, the spices, the crunch of the vegetables and is literal perfection for the vegetarians.

The rice, the vegetables and the spices are tightly sealed in a pot and steamed to imbibe the flavour into the rice to bring the perfect flavours to you.

Pea/Vegetable Pulao & Indian Bread - aloo paratha & chapati


Pea Or Vegetable Pulao

Often confused with the Biryani, the Vegetable Pulao at the Park Restaurant deserves special mention. Fresh vegetables and rice are cooked together, beginning with being sauteed over a greater flame than the one used for the Biryani.

Every bite of the Pea or Vegetable pulao here will be a delightful surprise as the soft well-cooked rice will be complemented with the rich tastes and flavours of vegetables. The

Pulao is a great accompaniment to most Indian curries, and can even be consumed on its own, or with yoghurt.

This, too, is a one-pot dish where basmati rice is cooked with a range of spices to bring together a magical dish for consumption by you.

Indian Bread

Tawa Chapati

The Tawa Chapati is a flatbread enjoyed in the Indian subcontinent and is mainly made of wheat flour and water. The flour is roasted on a Tawa to perfection and can be enjoyed with the main course of your choice. It is the perfect accompaniment to any curry.

Small balls made of the flour and water mixture, to which salt and oil are added, are rolled out into circular shapes and cooked on the Tawa or pan.

The chapatti is the perfect bread for you, humble and yet with an identity of its own to complement the main course. You will definitely enjoy this Indian bread.

Tawa Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is a stuffed Indian flatbread enjoyed by all. It is a breakfast dish that originated from the Punjab region in India. The stuffing is composed of mashed potatoes as a key ingredient with a variety of spices and salt to bring in taste.

The potato mixture is made into a ball which is fit into the roti mixture before being rolled out and cooked on the Tawa.

The Aloo Paratha is best enjoyed with yoghurt, pickle, butter and a side of chai! It holds the proud distinction of being a complete dish by itself.

You can also enjoy it with some cilantro chutney.

We serve yoghurt, raita and lassi for accompanying your order to complement the main courses. We also have a dessert menu at the Park Restaurant, which is the best place to enjoy Indian food in Tashkent. The desserts here include a variety of kheers, and halwas for you to choose from, each equally scrumptious and filling.

Eating Indian food is a warm feeling like vibing with family you’re meeting for the first time. Experience the true tastes of South Asia here, in the Park Café, at Ramada by Wyndham Tashkent, the one place to get the best Indian food in Uzbekistan today.

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